The History of Pokies in Australia

Pokies in AustraliaThe word pokies is very popular in Australia. Pokies are nothing but a gambling game. Now, let us look into the history of pokies in Australia. When the pokies machine reached the Australia in the early 1900s, they were not called as pokies, but slot machines. An American called Charles Frey in the year 1887 first invented these slot machines. Slot machines gained huge popularity in a short period due to its simplicity. This game can be played by simply inserting the coin and pushing the lever. The winner will be paid the coins by the slot machines instantly after the end of the game.
Slot machines were called Liberty Bell, when it is designed with three bells. The popularity of the Liberty Bell became huge that Fey started manufacturing the slot machines on a big basis to cater to the gambling lovers all over the world. It took two decades for the Liberty Bell to reach the Australia. Initially, the country did not legalize the pokies and people were playing it illegally in Australia. It was during the 1950’s that the game was legalized, which further shot up the popularity of pokies.
Today, apart from brick and mortar facilities, pokies are offered through online as well. Online pokies are become equally popular like brick and mortar casinos for many good reasons. The most striking specialty of the online pokies is that they offer games for free, means players do not need to gamble actually. This is something not possible with real casinos, where players have to invest and gamble with real money. In order to attract more people, the online pokies in Australia are offering attractive bonus and rewards for new players.
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